NH Comprehensive Snow Report

NH Comprehensive Snow Report

The TrailsNH New Hampshire Comprehensive Snow Report pulls in snow depths from all of the major sources. Snow depths include reports from AMC huts, RMC Grey Knob Cabin, SkiNH, and the NH State Parks Snowmobile Conditions Report. Links to Mount Washington Avalanche Center advisories are included as well. Reports are published in varying frequencies: AMC & SkiNH report daily, NHSP every few days, and RMC once a week. TrailsNH attempts to include updated conditions will within a few hours of being published, whenever possible.

NHSPApr 04-42.78-72.4200
Ashuelot Rail Trail:

Gates Closed (Reported: Apr 4th)
SkiNHApr 23-44.07-71.300
Bear Notch Ski Touring Center:

No trails open
NHSPApr 04-43.86-71.63012

6" to 12" base. Good to great riding.. (Reported: Apr 4th)
AMCApr 24139243.65-71.8800
Cardigan Lodge 1,392':

Wet, Snow, Ice, Traction
AMCApr 24328844.26-71.20.58
Carter Notch Hut 3,288':

Caution, Packed, Icy, Snowshoes
NHSPApr 04-44.89-71.5014

6" to 12" base, 2" new snow. Good conditions. (Reported: Apr 4th)
NHSPApr 04-44.93-71.300
Coleman State Park, Diamond Pond:

Trails are in good riding condition. Lots of snow on the trails. Grooming has ended for the season. Warming Hut open Saturday. (Reported: Apr 4th)
NHSPApr 04-44.42-71.6900

Spring riding conditions (Reported: Apr 4th)
NHSPApr 04-44.78-71.14010

6" to 10" base. Good riding conditions. Limited grooming. (Reported: Apr 4th)
NHSPApr 04-44.39-71.17012

8" to 12" base. Good riding conditions. (Reported: Apr 4th)
RMCMar 19437044.33-71.31034
Grey Knob 4,370':

NHSPApr 04-44.6-71.5100
Groveton Village:

Corridor 5 closed from village south (Reported: Apr 4th)
NHSPApr 04-44.63-71.47010
Groveton, Nash Stream:

6" to 10" base. Good to great riding conditions. Grooming ending. (Reported: Apr 4th)
AMCApr 23190044.22-71.4100
Highland Center Lodge 1,900':

Fall, Heavily, Deeper, Snow, Icy, Mud, Traction
NHSPApr 04-44.42-71.4708

6" to 8" base. Good conditions. (Reported: Apr 4th)
NHSPApr 04-44.49-71.5700

Spring riding conditions (Reported: Apr 4th)
NHSPApr 04-44.05-71.6700
Lincoln to Concord Rail Trail:

Closed to all uses (Reported: Apr 4th)
AMCApr 24276044.14-71.709
Lonesome Lake Hut 2,760':

Snow, Packed, Bare, Ice, Snowshoes, Traction
AMCApr 24628844.27-71.35.24
Mt. Washington 6,288':

Deeper, Snow, Ice, Rime
NHSPApr 04-43.64-72.1400
Northern Rail Trail:

Gates Closed (Reported: Apr 4th)
AMCApr 24203244.26-71.2501
Pinkham Notch 2,032':

NHSPApr 04-45.05-71.3900

Plenty of snow to ride into April. Trails are in very good to great condition across the area. Grooming continuing as temperatures allow. (Reported: Apr 4th)
NHSPApr 04-44.69-71.57010

6" to 10" base. Moderate to good conditions. (Reported: Apr 4th)
AMCApr 24380044.26-71.291.436
Tuckerman Ravine 3,800':

Snow, Packed, Ice, Icy, Open, Snowshoes, Traction
NHSPApr 04-44.27-71.5400
Twin Mountain:

Spring riding conditions (Reported: Apr 4th)
AMCApr 24270044.2-71.4900
Zealand Falls Hut 2,700':

Caution, Snow, Bare, Ice, Closed, Traction
MWACApr 24-44.26-71.3--
MWAC Avalanche Advisory:
Tuckerman Ravine has Considerable and Moderate avalanche danger. See MWAC website for details.

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